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Feel Arctic


Svalbard- definitely the most exotic place in Europe!

  • We are sailing here from 1.May up to 30 of Sept.
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  • #Ice boarder, #Far North, #Around,

North Norway-  Great Nature stunning views.

  • #Sail & Ski, #Sail & Trekk, #Aurora Borealis
  • Whale Safari
  • Lofoten, Senja, Fjords, Nordkapp, 

Iceland. To combine sailing, trekking & off-road.

  •  #Sail & Trekk,  #Whale Safari
  • Westfjords, North Coast, South Coast

East Greenland. Unique palces:

  • Scoresbysund
  • Kulusuk area
  • into wild & Ice (forgotten lands)

Faroe Islands & Scotland. Backing from Greenland:

  • Stunning Views & tides

Choose your way of sailing: Safaris– to show you as much as possible in the shortest possible time, Escapades– little more harder- usually you need to have some experience/ practice. Adventures– Demanding by definition to achieve something more. MileBuilders- All trips with 500NM of non stop sailing;-)



After many sessions spent in the Mediterranean and around Europe, like many other sailors, we started to look for something more challenging and exciting.

From just cruising, we moved into sailing combined with ski-touring, trekking, whale and the aurora watching, as well as arctic safaris and
expeditions. Sailing between snow-covered mountains and icebergs in wild areas has become our passion.Today we would like to introduce you to high latitudes sailing.

Take your friends and crew and join us [pun intended] on board of one of our yachts as co-skipper or participant. We are passionate to introduce you to the Arctic sailing, whatever is your current level of experience. We are sure that with the time, you will be able to lead one of our yachts in these waters.


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