Our Story

You don’t know us yet? See where we have been sailing last years. In the meantime we will introduce you our team. Every season there are more than dozen skippers & guides involved in our trips- mentioned below are the most important in 2023 year and you will meet them more than couple weeks onboard our yachts.

new areas
Finally back Svalbard

After Covid times finally we have backed to Svalbard:

  • Sailing north Norway in March
  • 5 weeks of sail & ski trips in Lygen
  • 3 sail & ski realizations for 2 companies
  • 6 weeks of ours realizations on Svalbard
  • 5 week of sailing with scientist 
  • 2 weeks of sailing with travel agencies
  • private charters
  • sailing north around Nordauslandet!

We had also one warm season on Beneteau Cyclades 50.5:

  • Canary Islands
  • Cape Verde
  • West Mediterranean
  • North-East Atlantic
Baltic around
COVID sailing
South Norway+ Gota Canal/ Cape Verde

The covid times haven't been so easy- we used a lot of time for preparations: Brand new Engine, preparation of new systems  on JoinUs: watermaker, generator, we also introduced into a fleet Beneteau Cyclades 50.5

  • Baltic sailing in March
  • Canal Gota
  • South Norway
  • Mediterranean sailing
Norway+ Iceland
Covid times
Spring in Norway, Season on Icelad

No- we have not wasted any time:

  • early skitouring in Lyngen
  • we have been first foreigner sailing yacht in Norway
  • sailing Iceland in season

Also we have done step forward- we have bought an aluminium  yacht  (we started total rebuilding) for future seasons.

The Team

Gosia has started sailing with us in 2020 year. Since then she has been sailing many time on Svalbard, North Norway, Iceland.  Great sailing manners, hunter. She will be your guide on Greenland area in 2023 year!

Fultime Svalbard
Sailing north
Austfonna, skitouring, trekking

Great season

  • early skitouring in Lyngen (5weeks)
  • many trips on Svalbard
  • 2 trips Svalbard around
  • wintertime in Norway
Best Sailing Manners
Meet the Bartosz/ Bart

Bartosz (Bart) is always calm, professional, polite- you can learn from him a lot!

We have started the common trip in 2019 year. In 2023 he is sailing along Norwegian  coast in March, Svalbard & From Iceland to Baltic Sea!

Svabard, Iceland, Greenland
Sailing north
Greenland faster than ever

Great season

  • early skitouring in Lyngen (5weeks)
  • Short season on Svalbard
  • Greenland one month before the scheule!
  • North Sea in autumn
The Team
The quality
Meet Marek/ Mark
Sail & Fish

Last years Marek has sailed Arctic more than anyone from us- being onbord more than 180 days yearly

  • always positive thinking
  • well-organized
  • the best sailor- carpenter ever

In 2023 year you will meet him during sailing Iceland, Greenland & Svalbard

Norway & Svabard
sail arctic
Norway & Svalbard

Great season

  • early skitouring in Lyngen (4weeks)
  • Svalbard Skitouring & Photo Safari!
new possibilites
Meet Adam

The first sailing project with Adam we have done in 2017 year- no one expected that Adam will be leader of huge project- aluminium yacht prepared into Arctic conditions. In 2023 year he will spent a lot of time for first sailing this boat! You will meet Adam more in 2024 year during Svalbard sailing.

Norway & Svabard
sail arctic
No way without winter in Norway!

Great season

  • early skitouring in Lyngen 
  • Lofoten in wintertime
  • Svalbard & Greenland
  • Iceland
  • North Sea in Autumn
First time Svalbard!
Norway &Svalbard

Great season

  • early skitouring in Lyngen 
  • Lofoten in autumn
  • North Sea in Autumn
Arctic Thinking
Season in North

Great season

  • Our first steel yacht
  • Arctic thinking
  • rebuilding and preparations
North Atlantic
The northern islands of Europe

Great season

  • What a story- close 20 years ago we have sail first time to the Iceland!
  • Great Trip, first thinking about Sail & Ski!
The Team
the idea!

Finally you have the opportunity to meet me I'm Marcin/ Martin- sailing as skipper much longer then 2004 (picture from 2022), but then we have  done crazy sailing trip in 2004- to Iceland. Than the arctic- sailing, sail & trekk / sail & ski idea story has began.