North Sea Winter Sailing

Up Helly aa

Viking fire festival

Up Helly aa

Difficult weather conditions, cyclical storms, Shetland in winter and tidal training! Additionally, a unique, largest fire festival in Europe – which is to crown the hardships of sailing. A cruise for real sailors!

The Map

Map is one of the possibilities of sailing according to actual weather conditions. The final trip is agreed between guide & skipper.


Day 1
Check in

Cheap flight (wizzair) to Stavanger. When we set sail depends strictly on meteorological conditions! Maybe we'll sail in the area for a few days, maybe we'll wait out the storm, maybe we'll be able to sail out on the first day!

Day 2-5
Sail 48h (150-200NM), Ski: 3-4h
Sail Shetlands

No jokes here. We will have 2 days of non-stop sailing on the winter North Atlantic. We will choose the sailing time strictly depending on the weather conditions. The weather changes quickly so we should catch the right weather window! If the weather is favorable, we will sail to the tiny Fair Island!

Day 6-11
Sail 3-12h

We will spend about 6 days here. There will be plenty of time to rent a car and explore most of the nooks and crannies! In fact, you could sail around the Shetland Islands for over a week - there is plenty to do. At this time of year, however, it can be stormy - so - apart from the capital - the port of Lerwick, we will focus on sailing to places that are more difficult to reach by car. Strong currents & tides are great opportunity to practise tide sailing.


- circumnavigating the northern islands of Yell, Feltar, Unist


- Tiny batches: Mid Yell, BaltsoundPier, Gutcher


- Sailing between the islands is quite a tidal challenge - the water speed reaches up to 6 knots! (for those interested, we offer a practical tidal sailing course!)

Up Helly Aa

The largest fire festival in Europe. All day long, people dressed in Viking costumes march around the city, celebrate, finally light torches and march to give vent to the fire - burn the boat!

Day 1-14
Check out
Sailing to Bergen

According to the weather conditions we will adapt time of sailing.

Day 15
Check out

Check out in Bergen. It is a good idea to book a flight a day after.