Sails & Whales!

For many years, killer whales and whales have been settling in the area of Skiervoy at the beginning of November & beginnig our Sails & Whales cruises. Their view is worth a week-long trip!

We will spend a few days in the Skiervoy area! We invite not only seasoned sailors for whale watching cruises – this is a trip for everyone- even peoples without any sailing  experience can easily find their place here.

If we’re lucky, we’ll see the northern lights – we can also rent a car and go to places where we have a greater chance of seeing them.

Our home will be the s/y Pacific Star – well prepared for Arctic sailing.


  • 22-29.10.2023 (s/y Pacific Star)
  • 29.10-05.11.2023 (s/y Pacific Star)
  • 26.11-03.12.2023 (s/y Pacific Star)

Price: 650EUR/person

in price:

  • Bunk (2-persons cabins)
  • Skipper,

Additional cost (paid onboard)

  • Food : approx 200 NOK/day/person
  • Fuel, Ports, gas : 250/NOK/ per person
Additional cost:
  • Flights 
  • Travel insurance

Booking & contact:

  • By
  • whatsapp +48501314144


Day 1

Arrival, provisions, transfer to the yacht - depending on our needs, the yacht may be waiting for us in Tromso or in one of the ports closer to ski touring places - there will be a car on site - we can use it!

Sail 3-8h (40NM),
Sail & Trek

Sail to Vannvawg or Arnoya Island for a short trek!

Day 3-4
Sail: 3h trekk:1-4h
Spildra area
Sails & Whales * Killer whales

Definitely less sailing, Dunvik and lots of interesting anchorages - we're in no rush! We will cross course several times with an area where whales can be found! We will enter the bay from where it is easy to reach the glacier, the nights we can spet in one of the small harbours

Day 4-6
Sail 1h, Whales
Sails & Whales * Killer whales

It is to this area that killer whales and whales comes for late Autumn. 

Day 6- 7
Sail 1h, Whales
Arnoya/ Havnnes/ Djupvik
Lyngen Alps from Djupvik

Short stop & a lot of possible attractions:

  • night trekking on Arnoya island
  • Sauna inHamnes or Djupvik
  • Sightseeing of Havnnes trading post
Day 7- 8

Return to the Tromso area - 8 to 12 hours of sailing. On the eighth day at 9:00 a.m. disembarkation;-) After the cruise, if the weather would be favorable we can rent a car and hunting for the magic of lights!

–  MAP Sails & Whales –

The map contains only one of the options for implementing the cruise plan. The actual route depends on the weather conditions prevailing in the water area at a given time. The amount of time spent at sea depends on the willingness of the entire crew to sail, and the captain is responsible for safety - therefore, he makes the final decision to choose the route. The actual weather forecast you'll check here.

 – –  What Awaits You at Sails & Whales? – –

Sail & Trek


Sail & Trek

At this time of year, we certainly won’t be climbing the highest peaks – snow will certainly cover the peaks, but we can present you a few hills with great views.

Sails & Whales

Usually, in November, pods of whales come to the Lyngen area. It’s worth being here at this time of year to take your own photo with your camera.  

Sail & Fish


Try your hand at fishing, it’s a great place and time 😉

Aurora Borealis

The aurora spectacles are best viewed from the sea (yacht) or from top of the hills – without additional light around us. What chance do we have to see it? Check yourself? Check Aurora Forecast in Tromso or  general Northern Lights situation here!

The second interesting option is a trip to the mountains. However, if the weather is not good – we can rent a car/cars and go to the interior (sometimes we reached as far as Finland) to see the Aurora! It’s not a problem – it should be interesting and active!

Our yacht s/y Pacific Star

First Arctic Beneteau Cyclades 50.5

Thermally insulated, double heating system. Many modifications made by the owner make you feel at home on this yacht in a cold climate.