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Sail & Ski Sunnmore Alps

7 skitouring days

Sail & Ski Sunnmore/ Hjorunfjorden area

In this region, you will find much greater elevations – reaching up to 1,500 m above sea level. Short sailing and the relative lack of ports at some exposures favor having a helper or cook on board.

On the other hand, the number of ports from which we can get to local ski resorts (there are 10 of them) is so large that we could sail here for 2 weeks. The area is perfect for both advanced ski tourers and downhill skiers!

Romsdalen area

“an area easier for ski touring and sheltered from the wind” – pleasant elevations up to 1200 m above sea level. On the first day, we will allow ourselves a long eight-hour sailing – each subsequent day is a short distance to be covered by the yacht. On the last day, approximately 5-8 hours of sailing.


Our cruises start and end in Alesund!


The prce is rizin every week the lowest price from 13.01.2023 (€579)!

In Price:

  • Bunk (2 persons in each cabin)
  • Skipper 


  • 15-22.02.2024 (Leader Michael Chowaniec)
  • 22-29.02.2024 (skiing or ski touring)

Additional cost

  • Food : approx 200 NOK/person/day
  • Ports/ Harbours/ Fuel:  250NOK/person/day
  • Flights
  • Guide: 
  • insurance

Booking & Contact

  • By
  • whatsapp +48501314144

What does our trip look like?

  • Ski tours, 8 days of sailing, 5-6 days of ski touring, several peaks to choose from. The longer days give you the opportunity to go out and go on many trips.
  • Division of competences: We sail in the following team: captain, guide/leader/instructor, crew. We deal with the nautical sphere – if you need it, you hire mountain guides or leaders who guide you during trips into the field (we have various contacts).
  • Cooperation – you are the organizer – do you have your own group? We are pleased to invite you on board as the organizer of the ski tour part.
    Well-prepared yachts: s/y Join Us or s/y Pacific Star.
  • Experience: We regularly organize sail & ski escapades on Spitsbergen and northern Norway. Our clients are private individuals, groups of friends, guides and organizers of ski touring trips from Europe . We have extensive, many years of experience in organizing ski touring cruises in Norway and Spitsbergen.


The map is one of the possible realization- the real route will be prepared according tho the actual weather & Snow/ Avalanche conditions in Romsdal & Sunnmore!

Ski & Ski Slopes

Skitour & marking your line

there are as many as 10 ski resorts in the area, providing a huge number of skiing opportunities. If you are not a fan of ski touring or you have never had the opportunity to try it and you ski – we invite you on board – we want to allocate one of the 3 dates for skiers. You go up the mountain by cable car and you have a choice – prepared ski slopes or wild terrain. There will be no guide on board for such a trip and the trip costs will be reasonable.

Two trips are pure ski touring at different levels of advancement.

– for the advanced group (elevation up to 1500m)

– for the basic group

On these trips we plan to sail with a guide or leader who knows the area. If you have your own experienced group and appropriate experience, then you can lead in the mountains.


Day 1

Arrival, provisions, transfer to the yacht.

Day 2-7
Sail 2h+6 (35NM), Ski: 3-5h
Hjorunfjorden/ Romsdalen

Depending on the group's advancement and the weather, we sail to the Hjorunfjorden area (greater elevation gain and higher degree of difficulty) or Romsdalen. 1 tour each day!

Back to Alesund

On the 7th day in the evening we reach Alesund and on the 8th morning we disembark and return by plane.



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