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Sail & Ski


Sail & Ski Seiland & Stjernoya

We escape from the more famous Lyngen to a wild area – devoid of mass Norwegian ski touring tourism. (Just to clarify – in Lyngen you will often meet groups of 5 to 20 people – this will probably not be the case here!)

We often anchor at anchor and use the landing craft to reach new ski touring spots. We sail a bit more (2 longer flights, including 1 night)
One way cruise:
– Tromso-Alta
– Alta-Tromso.


In Price:

  • Bunk (2 persons cabins)
  • Skipper


  • 09-16.03.2024 (s/y Pacific Star)

Additional cost

  • Food : approx 200 NOK/person/day
  • Ports/ Harbours/ Fuel:  250NOK/person/day
  • Flights
  • Guide: 
  • insurance

Booking & Contact

  • By
  • whatsapp +48501314144

What does our Sail & Ski Seiland trip look like?

  • Ski tours, 8 days of sailing, 5-6 days of ski touring, several peaks to choose from. The longer days give you the opportunity to go out and go on many trips.
  • Division of competences: We sail in the following team: captain, guide/leader/instructor, crew. We deal with the nautical sphere – if you need it, you hire mountain guides or leaders who guide you during trips into the field (we have various contacts).
  • Cooperation – you are the organizer – do you have your own group? We are pleased to invite you on board as the organizer of the ski tour part.
    Well-prepared yachts: s/y Join Us or s/y Pacific Star.
  • Experience: We regularly organize sail & ski escapades on Spitsbergen and northern Norway. Our clients are private individuals, groups of friends, guides and organizers of ski touring trips from Europe . We have extensive, many years of experience in organizing ski touring cruises in Norway and Spitsbergen.

Map of Sail & Ski Seiland

The map is one of the possible realization- the real route will be prepared according tho the actual weather & Snow/Avalanche conditions!

Plan of Sail & Ski Seiland trip:

Day 1

Arrival, provisions, transfer to the yacht - depending on our needs, the yacht may be waiting for us in Tromso or in one of the ports closer to ski touring places - there will be a car on site - we can use it!

Day 2
Sail 2h+6 (35NM), Ski: 3-5h
Wstęp Ullstinden/ Vannvag

Depending on the advancement of the group, we can do a tour in Svarvarfjellet or a tour in Ullstinden. We return to the yacht, enjoy a delicious dinner and sail for 4-6 hours to the next ski touring spot - at night we stand in the port to enjoy the next ski touring spots!

Night 2/3
Sail 10h
Sail to Seiland

10 hours of non-stop sailing - for some it's a challenge - for others it's everyday life 😉

Day 3-7
Sail 3-4h, Ski: 3-6h
Stjernoya & Seiland

Short sailing, lots of anchor stops, many new routes to mark and peaks to conquer !

Day 7-8
Ski: 3-8h dziennie

On the 7th evening we reach Alta, on the 8th day we disembark and return by plane.



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