Into the Wilderness and Ice!

Nordaustlanded - The North East Land


Expedition into the Wilderness and Ice!

Into the Wilderness and Ice’ becomes our most interesting Arctic project. To sail where there is no civilisation and the ever-present pristine North lures you in!

Is Svalbard still a challenge? It all depends on the time of year, the current weather situation and the route we have taken. Most cruises offer a ‘friendly’ introduction to this beautiful piece of the Arctic – this one may not. 17 days of sailing and an itinerary around Spitsbergen is more than just an ‘Arctic Safari’, of which we do a lot…

The end of August is already the beginning of autumn in the Arctic. The polar day is slowly disappearing, the nights are getting longer and longer and the first snowfalls are appearing, the temperature at night is starting to drop below zero. However, there is something that makes it worth staying there – the sea ice cover is reaching its annual minimum.

In 2019, we were the only ones to circumnavigate Spitsbergen twice. Appetites were greater, but the ice then did not allow us to circumnavigate the entire archipelago… In 2022, we circumnavigated the Northeast Territory sailing against the wind.
And what will it be like next season? We intend to further explore the region of the least visited part of the Svalbard archipelago. Getting around Spitsbergen is not necessarily the goal – exploring forgotten places is!

Whether you will be able to circumnavigate Svalbard or perhaps come within an arm’s length of the pole – it will all depend on the ice situation, the meteo conditions and a bit of luck. The Arctic does not let in its secrets easily.
At the edge of the world, ice fields, the wildest islands of Svalbard, unvisited by anyone, and Austfonna, Europe’s largest glacier, await us in the endless, hostile Ocean. Neptune will decide what we get to see…
Get ready to encounter a world that few have tasted – it may not be a walk through Arctic rose petals.



Berth, skipper’s supervision, certificate of passage


  •  22.08-08.09.2024,
    s/y Join Us

Additional costs (to be settled after the cruise):

  • Food : approx. 175 NOK/person/day
  • Port fuel, final cleaning, weapons + guide approx. 270 NOK/person/day
  • Insurance (approx. 50-80pln/ person)
  • Flights to Tromso
  • Flights to/from Hammerfest

How to reserve:

  • write or call us
  • wait for the contract – you will receive it by e-mail,
  • make the payment

Contact us:

  • 501-314-144 (Marcin),  
    660-211-765 (Office)
  • info(at)
  • 5%: Repeating customer



  • 2 pers: 3,5%, 
  • 3 pers: 5%
  • 4 pers: 7,5%
  • 5 pers and more: 10%,

– –  S C H E D U L E – –

Day 1
Welcome to the Arctic!

Welcome to Svalbard's capital - the land of polar bears - here the bear population exceeds the permanent human settlement!

Day 2
60 NM, 10-15h of sailing
Sailing to Poolepynten

Staramy się szybko i efektywnie żeglować na Północ. Pierwszy przystanek planujemy przy kolonii morsów! W zatoce powyżej spędzimy kilka godzin na pierwszym górskim trekkingu.

Days 3 & 4
60NM, 12-15h of sailing
Sailing to Amsterdamoya/ Virgohamna

It was from here that the famous balloon expedition to the North Pole by the Swedish polar traveller Solomon August Andrèe tragically ended in 1897. Opposite the bay, on the island of Amsterdamoya, there are often traces of bears, while at the eastern end of the island lies another walrus colony!

Days 5-12
400NM, 100h of sailing
The Nord East Land

Austfonna and the Hinlopenstretet is only the beginning - we are planning to sail to places that are much less frequently visited - where exactly we will be depends on the current meteorological situation - the main goal is to circumnavigate the North-East - with a bit of a catch. Neptune will show us where we can go!

Day 13
shore tour
Sailing to Ny Alesund

We arrive at the northernmost permanent human settlement in the world. Ny-Ǻlesund is also known as the starting point of Roald Amundsen's expedition to the North Pole and Albert Nobile's later expedition. Remains of the docking site of the airship ‘Norge’ can still be found here today.  Today, the village is an international scientific campus - with a bar serving the cheapest drinks in the Arctic as a socialising attraction! Further afield, we can visit Ny London or sail under the Blomstrandbreen glacier!

Day 14
40-50NM, 6-10h of sailing
Englesbukta, Traverse and Polish Polar Station

Fancy something out of the ordinary? How about a long trek and traverse from Ny Alesund to Englesbukta? Fantastic! We will then sail on to Kaffiøyra - where the Polish Toruń Polar Station is located!

Days 15 & 16
90NM, 20h of sailing
Isfjord & Pyramiden

Long sailing to an abandoned mining town. It's especially worth climbing the towering peak above the settlement! We might as well anchor at the place where the indigenous trappers lived and go trekking up a giant gorge or go under a phenomenal lake located on a plateau.

Day 17

In the morning we catch a plane to Tromso - onwards back home!

The graphic shows one possibility of the route. The actual route depends on meteorological conditions. The exchange of crew between stages 1 and 2 can be done by air, ferry, bus. The return crew will cover the route in the other direction.

– –  R O U T E  – –

The map contains only one possibility of the cruise plan. The actual route depends on the weather conditions in the area at the time. The amount of time spent at sea depends on the willingness of the entire crew to sail, safety is supervised by the skipper - so it is up to him to make the final decision on the route. 

– –  T H E   V E S S E L  – –

Our yacht - s/y Join Us

The most Arctic Bruce Roberts

Thermally insulated, triple heating system. Desalinator, generator, from the 2024 season SUPERDINGHY onboard!



The Crew

Our captains have spent many seasons in the Arctic. To ensure safety, we have satellite communications on board and strictly follow procedures to protect us from the consequences of an unexpected encounter with a polar bear, and we make all shore visits secured with hunting weapons under the guidance of someone familiar with the area!


It is the largest settlement and capital of the Svalbard archipelago. The town was founded as a mining settlement. On one of the slopes above the town, you can visit the remains of a coal mine.
The town is also practically the only place where we can shop, replenish our equipment or buy souvenirs.


This is a mining settlement abandoned by the Russians. At its peak, the town was considered the best place to live in the Soviet Union.
After a short period of complete abandonment at the beginning of this century, a hotel and restaurant have opened in the town. Efforts are being made to make it a tourist attraction.


According to some – Spitsbergen’s most beautiful fjord. Turquoise water and a sandy lagoon…. If it wasn’t for the stable +5°C, we might have felt like we were in Greece.

The Weather

We sail in summer – constant temperatures of around +5°C. Rainfall is rare. Warm clothing is a must – remember that it is only 550 nautical miles from here to the North Pole.

Ny Alesund

The last contact with civilisation is Ny-Alesund, the northernmost human settlement in the world. A mysterious place, full of antennas and strange installations – supposedly scientific. Cellular networks do not work here and internet is only available via a cable connection.


Sailing on Spitsbergen is not just about sailing. The insanely clear air visually shortens the distance – everything seems closer – so it’s worth going out to the nearby summit to savour the views!

The Wildlife

Bears, walruses, reindeer, polar foxes, whales – this is their world, we are just guests here.


Svalbard’s most remote places – that’s where we intend to go!

The Ice Edge

In September it gets much further away, sometimes allowing records to be broken. We won’t freak out – with Join Us safety is above all – and we won’t promise not to try to take you to the border either!


The largest glacier in the Svalbard archipelago. It is not always possible to reach it.

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 – –  L I N K S – –