Real arctic sailing.

North Cape


North Cape in wintertime

We invite all lovers of unusual expeditions on a winter cruise towards Nordkapp. 

We will start our adventure in Tromso – in a city called the gates of the Arctic. Sailing through the Norwegian Sea, we will sail into the Barents Sea, sail around Knivskjellodden – the northernmost cape in Europe and reach Nordkapp. 

The cruise will end in Hammerfest and by plane/ferry we will slowly return to Tromso. 

What else awaits you? – all the splendor of the arctic world – there will be snowstorms under sail, trekking, we have a good chance of seeing the northern lights – maybe we will be able to meet a whale 😉

The Map

Map is one of the possibilities of sailing according to actual weather conditions. The final trip is agreed between guide & skipper.


Day 1
Check in

Arrival, provisions, quick tour of the city

Day 2
Sail:10h (50NM), Trkk:2h
Djupvik/ Arnoya/ Hasvik

Fast sailing divided into stages. In unfavorable weather, we will go out into the field. This time we are not taking skis - but with snowshoes we will go high!

Day 3-4
Sail: 20h (100NM)

If the weather does not prevent us, we will sail 100 NM at once - otherwise we will sail for 2 days with stops between inappropriate weather

Day 5
on land
Skarsvag/ North Cape

We will probably stop in Skarsvag, where it is closest to Nordkapp. Here we have 2 possibilities: - traverse the parallel peninsula - rent a car / scooter and go to Nordkapp 😉

Day 6&7
Sail:10-15h, (50-75NM)
Havoysund & Hammerfest

In two days we have several options - we can sail from the land side - we can also sail the shortest route. Havoysund is considered a local gem, so it's worth visiting!

Day 8
Check out

By plane or ferry from Hammerfest we go to Tromso - then we'll fly to homes!


Watch the movies made during escapades of our clients: