Wintertime Lofoten

We have created safari sailing escapades to show you as much as possible in the shortest possible time. Safari – these are short cruises after which you would want more – just right for the first time!
The shipping area is so amazing that you could easily spend three weeks here. You will see for yourself that this seemingly simple, austere land is packed with attractions: auroras, killer whales, perhaps whales, reindeer, the first snow and poles set up for plows on the roads, eagles soaring over a yacht in the Trollfjord, fairy-tale ports, mountains and trekking – everything is possible in just 9 days, but a lot will really depend on the weather. You won’t regret it, we know such ports where you can even go skiing in the evening after sailing during the day.

In Short:

  • you are sailing a well-prepared for sailing insulated yacht with specially prepared heating with a captain with extensive arctic experience
  • you are not just a tourist – you are part of the crew
  • All time- if you want to learn about sailing or Svalbard we are happy share our knowledge
  • From Bodo by Lofoten we will sail to Senja & Tromso!
  • Lofoten & Senja in wintertime are much closer to Svalbard mountains
  • We have an opprtunity to see hhales/ orcas or Aurora Borealis!


This is one of the sailing possibilities. Always we are choosing the accurate route according :

  • your wish / needs 
  • the actual weather/ ice conditions
  • the all guest preparation
  • the amount of crew onboard (you can choose to sail with a helmsman only or a helmsman & a guide)


Day 1
Check in

Bodo is the biggest Finnmark city. It is very well comunicated, easy flight & sail to Lofoten!

Day 2
Sail:10h(50NM), Trekk: 4h
Sail to Vaeroy

It the weather will be accurate Vaeroy is our first stop close to Lofoten- great place to do the first trekking. 

Day 3&4
Sail:6h [30NM]

This is a real Lofoten Pearl. We wil stop here for 2 days and go to A (most west city on Lofoten Island). Must be here!

Sail:3h-8h [16-35NM]
Ballstad & Henningsvaer

Ballstad is a beautiful fishing village set in a wide bay. From here it is very easy to go for a walk - between the hills there are lakes and beautiful landscapes.

Henningsvaer is called the Venice of the North - stone islands connected by bridges create a small fishing society - a beautiful sight!

Day 6
Sail:7-8h [35NM],

The very narrow fjord is home to eagles. When entering here, not one of them will fly over our heads. In summer, it is worth going trekking on the lake located above the fjord!

Day 7
Sail:7+9h [35+45NMNM] walk incity
Sortland & Andeness

All day sailing to Andeness, for few hours we will stop in Sortland!

Day 8
Sail:3h [5NM]
Whale Safari!
Sails & whales

At this part of the year we have a chance to see the whales & orcas. If the weather wouldn't be correct for this we will modify the route & Sail by Harstad or spent 1 day into Senja Island!

Day 9
Sail: 12h (75Mm)
Sail to Tromso

Fast sailing to Tromso!

What awaits you?