Sail + Trek+ MTB


Lofoten is a land worth seeing at any time of the year. We usually try to cover this route in 9 days, it has also happened in 3- this time we are sailing in a week creating the programme ‘Lofoten for the active’. 😉 We will sail through the most beautiful part of the islands and climb the most spectacular peaks! In addition, we invite people with MTBs – we start the adventure on sails and mountain bikes (Lofoten + Senja)!

599  399€/os


Berth, skipper’s supervision, certificate of passage

Dates (s/y Pacific Star):

  • 01-08.06.2024, (Bodo-Bodo)
  • 08-15.06. (Bodo-Tromso)
Additional costs (to be settled after the cruise):
  • Food: approx. 100 NOK/person/day
  • Port fuel, final cleaning, approx. 170 NOK/person/day
  • Insurance (approx. 50-80pln/person)
  • Flights (to Bodo or economically: to Trondheim + train)
  • Training during the cruise – for those interested: 360pln- basic, 490pln tidal course

How to reserve:

  • write or call us
  • wait for the contract – you will receive it by e-mail
  • make the payment

Contact us:

  • +48 501-314-144 (Marcin), +48 660-211-765 (Office)
  • info(at)
  • 5%: Repeat customer

  • 2 pax: 3.5%,
  • 3 pax: 7%,
  • 4 pax and over: 10%,
  • For those with a bicycle an additional discount of 10%
  • 6-day term: -15%

– –  S C H E D U L E  – –

Day 1
Welcome to Bodo!

This time in winter and again in fast sailing mode. As long as the weather is fine we sail the same day!

Day 2
60-70 NM dziennie: 9-14 hours of sailing

The narrow entrance in the middle of the fjord is only the beginning. Above our heads, eagles soar - you can look out for their nests among the rocks. This is where we make our first trek - to a small mountain lake. Take a towel with you - it will come in handy after ice swimming. 

Day 3
30NM: 5h of sailing

The Venice of the North and the most famous football pitch set among rocks and dried cod racks. As befits Venice, a guaranteed walk on the flat and a good beer in the harbour bar.

Day 4
15NM: 3h of sailing

A beautiful extensive fishing village. On the one hand, an introduction to high approaches, on the other a walk on a-la ‘Bieszczady hills’ located between lakes. WORTH IT!

Day 5
15NM: 3h of sailing

An iconic place to climb the mountain above the harbour - definitely a must do. From here-if there's enough time on the overland escapade we'll head to Moskenes and A!

Day 6
16 NM: 3h of sailing

In sailing from Reine to Vaeroy, we pass through more complex tidal structures - judged by some to be dangerous - huge waves are created in adverse conditions and sailing must be well planned. The island offers tremendous opportunities - a beautiful beach, mountains, a walk on the flat - it all depends on your desire and ability.

Day 7
50NM: 9h of sailing
Vaeroy - Bodo

Sailing to the disembarkation port - if conditions are good we will still be there for cod fishing!

Day 8
Bodo & Saltstraumen

We still arrive in Bodo the day before we disembark - the next day we have the chance to go to a place where the current reaches 20 knots!

The graphic shows one possibility of the route. The actual route depends on meteorological conditions. The exchange of crew between stages 1 and 2 can be done by air, ferry, bus. The return crew will cover the route in the other direction.

– –  R O U T E  – –

The map contains only one possibility of the cruise plan. The actual route depends on the weather conditions in the area at the time. The amount of time spent at sea depends on the willingness of the entire crew to sail, safety is supervised by the skipper - so it is up to him/her to make the final decision on route selection.


Sail & MTB

Have you thought about a new venture? We are combining mountain biking and sailing. The first trip is to Lofoten – a 10% discount for those interested. We only have 5 places free for enduro, MTB fans at any stage. Ask for details!

Sails and Trekking

The coolest summer combination of sailing and bird’s eye view of yachting – satisfaction guaranteed thanks to the amazing views!


Master of Tides

This time we are sailing in tidal waters – if you want this cruise can be a great tidal training for you. Before the cruise you will receive a link to online material and exercises – we will prepare you, and on the cruise the captain will check how you are doing in practice:

  • you will determine the high water time in port
  • plan your way through currents and tight passages
  • you can navigate without the use of GPS – an important part of the Yacht Master’s exam, the so-called Blind Navigation!

Course cost: 492PLN


Try your own hand at fishing, it’s the perfect place and time.


Cruise training package

The best way to consolidate knowledge is to use it in practice. If you fancy additional training – you can purchase the basic training package. Before the cruise, you will receive a link to thematic lectures and practical tasks to do, in addition to meteo and navigation you will be introduced to the principles of voyage planning (according to the British RYA), safe navigation and Good Seamanship. On the cruise, the skipper will verify your knowledge – each day you will be responsible for a particular part of sailing (route preparation including emergency ports, navigating, handling meteo). After each day you will be reassigned and we will discuss the tasks together. The cost of the pre-course is 360PLN/person.

– –  J A C H T  – –

Our yacht - s/y Join Us

First Arctic Beneteau Cyclades 50.5

Thermally insulated, double heating system. Lots of owner modifications that make you feel right at home on this yacht in cold climates.

– – See how it was like!  – –

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