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– Svalbard

100% Exploring

2 days of arctic adventure after the cruise

Svalbard escapade

This is a unique exploration cruise! We set sail from Tromso at the beginning of spring – the sun is already high and the snow is melting in front of our eyes and no longer surrounds the mountains from the tops to the surface of the sea. We arrive at Bear Island. The melting ice is breaking away from the dense Arctic cap and is able to drift even here. From Bjornoy onwards, we must be prepared to avoid the ice fields. We continue sailing north. We reach Spitsbergen – already with a polar day and in the middle of an Arctic winter. Snow and severely negative temperatures are the daily bread of this voyage. If the weather is good, we will have a lot of time – maybe even a week to sail e.g. to Ny Alesund – if not, we will have to wait out the bad conditions – maybe on Bear Island. At the end of the cruise, the adventure begins, as we arrive in Longyearbyen, where dog sleds and snowmobiles are still considered a natural form of transport – not a tourist attraction – there are fewer and fewer such places in the world! Take advantage!

6500 5500pln/os *

*first minute until 15.10.2024

Included: berth, skipper’s supervison, certificate of passage

Date: 19.04-02.05.2025 (s/y Join Us)

Discounts (they cannot be summed up with First minute):

  • 5% Repeating customers
  • Groups: 3,5% pairs, 6% 3 pers, 10% 4 pers and more
  • 20% – First minute!

Additional costs (to be settled after the cruise):

  • Food: approx. 100 NOK/person/day
  • Port, fuel, final cleaning, approx. 170 NOK/person/day
  • Insurance (approx. 50pln/person)
  • Flights to Tromso

How to reserve:

  • write or call us
  • wait for the contract – you will receive it by e-mail,
  • make the payment

Contact us:

  • +48 501-314-144 (Marcin), 
    +48 660-211-765 (Office)
  • info(at)


Day 1

Arrival, provisions, transfer to the yacht - depending on our needs, the yacht can be waiting for us in Tromso or in the surrounding harbour reachable by taxi in 30 min.

Day 2-4
Sailing 2,5-3 days (300NM),
Tromso - Bjørnøya

Sailing to Bear Island, depending on wind and ice conditions, we can shelter in the southern bay or sail away from the ice!

Days 4-7
2 days of sailing [200Mm]
Sailing on Svalbard

Here it is impossible to predict the sailing plan clearly. Two years ago we spent 6 days on Bjornoy waiting for a weather window - maybe we can sail through at once too!

Days 6-13
sailing and stopovers 50/50

If the weather conditions are good, we will get there quickly. If the ice conditions are good, we will sail to the Polish Polar Station Hornsund. If there is enough time, we can also sail to Ny Alesund!

Days 14 & 15
The way back and chack-out

After disembarkation, we strongly recommend staying a minimum of 2 days longer and taking time out for a minimum of two activities:

  • snowmobiling
  • dog sledding

Really worth it!

– –  R O U T E  – –

The map contains only one possibility of the cruise plan. The actual route depends on the weather conditions in the area at the time. The amount of time spent at sea depends on the willingness of the entire crew to sail, safety is supervised by the skipper - so it is up to him to make the final decision on the route. The current weather you can check out here!

 – –  What’s waiting for you? – –


Wintertime Spitsbergen!

On a waking long polar day, we will try to taste its charms. Visits to the Polish polar station and a few sparse places where civilisation has arrived await us. But above all, exploration of wild places untouched by human foot and close contact with extraordinary nature. Whales, walruses, seals and polar bears – these are the true inhabitants of this area. It is much easier to meet them there than to encounter humans.

Challenging sailing conditions

There can still be a lot of ice and snow at this time of year. We’ll be dodging or passing ice fields, sailing in Arctic conditions, and perhaps shoveling fresh snow off the deck and forging icicles from the railings….

The weather

It will only be an early Arctic spring in Tromso, but due to warm currents, offshore temperatures should stay around 0°C. Around Spitsbergen, temperatures can be -5 but there have been days with temps of -15! Warm clothing is a must, after all we are sailing across the Arctic Ocean.


Catch and eat. 😉 Moving on from the Norwegian fjords, we will hunt for cod in our favourite spots. After the cruise, in Longyearbyen we’ll drink ‘for a lucky rescue’ beer from the local furthest-north brewery (We know some are thinking of opening another in NY Alesund!).

Mile Builder

Bypassing the Vysa Niedzwiedzia, the cruise fulfils the conditions to build up the right seniority for Yacht Master Ocean!

Our yacht - s/y Join US

The most Arctic of Bruce Roberts

Thermally insulated, triple heating system. Desalinator, generator, from the 2024 season SUPERDINGHY onboard!