Yacht Master Ocean

70% Open Ocean Sailing

30% Exploring Svalbard and Finnmark

Oceanic Arctic sailing

The autumn return from Spitsbergen is not one of the most easy ones. Here even seasoned meteorologists give up and do not attempt accurate weather estimates for more than 2-3 days, the weather changes very dynamically and forecast models can vary dramatically.

We will probably spend 2 to 4 days on Spitsbergen – but the essence of this cruise is sailing. 500NM non-stop in the Arctic Ocean and Barents Sea will give you the required Yacht Master Ocean experience gained in unusual conditions. There will be a chance to learn the basics of astronavigation!

Additionally, the cruise is carried out on 2 yachts at the same time – decide whether you prefer to sail on Pacific Star or Join Us!


Included: berth, skipper’s supervision, certificate of passage
Date: 08-22.09.2024 (s/y Pacific Star + s/y Join Us!)

Additional costs (to be settles after the cruise):

  • Food : approx. 170 NOK/person/day
  • Port, fuel, final cleaning, weapons + care on the shore approx: 275 NOK/person/day,
  • Insurance (approx. 50PLN/person)
  • Flights to and from Longyearbyen Tromso

How to reserve:

  • write or call us
  • wait for the contract – you will receive it by e-mail,
  • make the payment

Contact us:

  • +48 501-314-144 (Marcin),  
    +48 660-211-765 (Office)
  • info(at)joinus.pl


  • 5%: Repeating customer


  • 2 pers.: 3,5%,
  • 3 pers.: 5%
  • 4 pers.: 7,5%
  • 5 pers. and over: 10%,


Day 1
Check-in, preparations for departure

We recommend arriving a few 1-2 days early. 

Days 2-4
sailing and stopovers 50/50

We will probably moor in Belsund and Hornsund. Or somewhere else? It all depends on the weather!

Days 4-9
500 NM
Sailing to Europe

Over 500NM non-stop! The perfect experience for a Yacht Master Ocean!

Days 10-14
Sailing and stopovers 50/50

With favourable winds we will sail all the way to Nordkapp. Otherwise, we will sail to Havoysund, Skiervoy, Arnoy or other areas we know well. This is how spectacular Aurora Borealis starts at the end of September - what will it be like this year? We'll see!

Dzień 15

On Saturday we'll use the harbour sauna, take the cable car up to the summit towering over the city. Our flight isn't until the evening!

– –  R O U T E  – –

The map contains only one possibility of the cruise plan. The actual route depends on the weather conditions in the area at the time. The amount of time spent at sea depends on the willingness of the whole crew to sail, safety is the responsibility of the skipper - so it is up to him to make the final decision on the route. CHECK THE CURRENT WEATHER HERE.

 – –  WHAT’S COMING? – –


Spitsbergen during wintertime!

On a waking long polar day we will try to taste its charms. Visits to the Polish polar station and a few places where civilisation has arrived await us. But above all, exploration of wild places untouched by human foot and close contact with extraordinary nature. Whales, walruses, seals and polar bears – these are the true inhabitants of this area. It is much easier to meet them there than to encounter humans.

Challenging sailing conditions

The changing weather models do not give us a chance to plan the exact course of the sailing. 500NM of non-stop sailing awaits us!

Aurora Borealis

At this time of year, the aurora spectacles begin – the closer you get to Tromso, the better the chances of the Aurora Borealis!


Catch and eat! With the end of the trip the chances of catching cod increase many times over! You are not an amateur fisherman – no problem – in Norway it takes up to 30 seconds to fish in a good spot!

Mile Builder

Get an apprenticeship to Yacht Master Ocean!

Astronavigation in Practice!

During the cruise you will learn astronavigation in Practice!

Our vessels: s/y Join US & s/y Pacific Star

The most arctic of Bruce Roberts’

Thermally insulated, triple heating system. Desalinator, generator, from the 2024 season SUPERDINGHY onboard!

Beneteau Cyclades 50.5 ready for northern escapades

Thermally insulated, double heating system. Lots of owner modifications that make you feel right at home on this yacht in cold climates. 


Nordaustlandet - The North East Land

Report on the 2022 cruise!