Our very own voyage:

Bear Island

A cruise with Ilona Wisniewska

Heading to Svalbard!
This is our own voyage for many reasons! We sail in the early summer – during the polar day, statistically we face a westerly wind – which favours us all the time. First on target is Bear Island – we know that some reports say the place is not accessible to sailors – we have sailed with the local scientists more than once – time to visit them again!
We continue to…. east – just imagine that, off the beaten track for less than 24 hours, we arrive at Betty Bay, where it is not difficult to spot bears! We don’t expect to see another yacht here. We are already sailing from Tromso with guns on board – this guarantees our safety and ensures we can go ashore wherever we like. Hornsund, Bellsund are the basics-we will also look for the German Junkers that crashed during the Second World War.

Today we will let you in on our secret! In addition to the Captain and Guide, we have a very special guest on board – an author of books and reports about the North – be careful, we can’t guarantee that you won’t become part of her next northern story! You will definitely be part of the working environment of the next book! What we can guarantee is an autograph!

1499 EUR/person


Berth, skipper’s surveillance, certificate of passage


  • 15-29.06.2024
    s/y Pacific Star

Additional costs (to be addressed of the cruise):

  • Food: approx. 100 NOK/person/day
  • Ports, fuel, guide and weapons approx. 170 NOK/person/day
  • Insurance (approx. 250-400pln/ person)
  • Flights to Tromso
  • Flights from Longyearbyen

How to reserve:

  • write or call us
  • wait for the contract – you will receive it by e-mail,
  • make the payment

Contact us:

  • +48 501-314-144 (Marcin),  
  • +48 660-211-765 (Office)
  • info(at)joinus.pl
  • 5%: Repeating customers

  •  2 pers: 5%, 
  •  3 pers: 7,5%,
  •  4 pers and more: 10%,

– –  S C H E D U L E  – –

Welcome to the Arctic!

Tromso is called The Gateway to the Arctic for a reason. For us, it's time to shop and prepare for the cruise. Perhaps we will still have time to use the Sauna in the marina and jump into the Arctic water!

Days 2-5
250NM, approximately 2 days sailing
Sailing to Bear Island

Short stop, tour of the island (southern bay, northern science base).

Days 6-8
200NM, approximately 2 days sailing
South Spitsbergen

Few people venture into the south-east of Spitsbergen. This place, far away from the tourist routes, is nature-friendly - therefore it is relatively easy to spot a lounging bear here - Gosia will tell you about such places on board, where she encountered as many as 5 bears in one cruise in this area in the 2013 season!

Days 9-12
60NM, 12h of sailing
Hornsund & Bellsund

Where will we be? It all depends on the conditions. En route the Polish Polar Station, the wreck of a German Junkers plane. A graveyard of whale bones, plenty of overpriced places to get out into the mountains!

Days 13-14
60NM, 12h of sailing

Barendsburg or Pyramiden? Or perhaps a wilder area - along the trail of trappers and former polar explorers?

Day 15

Disembarkation in the island's capital - it is worth staying a day or two longer and exploring the area (we can help arrange accommodation ashore). 

The schedule shows one possibility of the route. The actual route depends on meteorological conditions. The exchange of crew between stages 1 and 2 can be done by air, ferry, bus. The return crew will cover the route in the other direction.

– –  R O U T E – –

The map contains only one possibility of the cruise plan. The actual route depends on the weather conditions in the area at the time. The amount of time spent at sea depends on the willingness of the entire crew to sail, safety is supervised by the skipper - so it is up to him to make the final decision on the route. 


 – –  What’s waiting for you? – –


The capital of Norway’s northern region, it lies behind the Arctic Circle and is an ideal place to observe the aurora borealis.

Bear Island

Lying almost in the middle between Spitsbergen and the European mainland. In practice, bears are very difficult to come by here (the last sighting was in 2013). However, in 2020 the ice has again drifted so far south that bears on a floe could potentially get through.

Spitsbergen trekkings  

We will make a few of these. At this time of year, the weather can change very dynamically. From sunshine to snowstorms in a matter of minutes. In the more tranquil areas, we will also take rockets!


The Whales

At this time of year, whales move lazily northwards from Lofoten – we may well encounter them.


Try your own hand at fishing, in the first few days of your cruise it’s the perfect place and time.

Barentsburg & Pyramiden

A Russian mining town on Spitsbergen. Enjoy authentic Ukrainian borscht and local beer at the Red Bear restaurant. The local strong alcohol 78N can keep many a sailors busy.

If there is enough time we will visit Pyramiden just before disembarking!


The legendary polar station of the Polish Academy of Sciences, located at the gateway to a beautiful fjord. If the ice allows us to reach it, we may be able to spend at least a short while in its hospitable confines.

The Weather

Temperatures above 10 C in Tromso, statistically prevailing westerly winds on the route and stable 5stC. Practically no snowfall on Spitsbergen.

–  C R E W  – 

 –  V E S S E L  – 

Our vessel - s/y Pacific Star

The first Arctic Beneteau Cyclades 50.5

Thermally insulated, double heating system. Lots of owner modifications that make you feel right at home on this yacht in cold climates.

– – S O… H O W   W A S   I T?  – –

Sail Arctic

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