The most northern skitouring spots ever.

Sail & Ski

For individuals & groups.

The Idea

Sail & ski is a much more complex activity, thats why we are separating sailing & skitouring. Both activities are planned and prepared separately.

Our main interest is Svalbard. Here we are active with the end of the wintertime- which is first  May, up to first week of June.

Going north we are skitouring also in Lyngen Alps- here we could be in March & April.

In next years we are preparing the sail & Ski on west Greenland.

Skitouring in Arctic can be quite simple, ecstatic way of active spending time.  Tere are simple spots, where guide will lead you according to the group skills. 

There are also extreeme spots- especially on Svalbard. Where you need to remember about low support, glaciers at the meeting point of snow, and polar bears.

You are the decision maker where and how you will be skitouring.  We will help you to arrange the professional  guides service on the adequate level to  including IFMGA or IVBA. Of course you can take your’s quide with your. If you are the guide you will be more than welcome to sail on our yachts with yours guests.

Watch the movies made during escapades of our clients:

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