Reinke 46

Designed from the inside. Our point has been to build the boat from the client persepctive. Where you will sail? What activity you will connect with sailing and how create it more ergonomy?


Building the second yacht we have been asked ourselves and our clients:

– what is the most important for them during the trip

– What are the critical points during the Arctic sailing? How to design a yacht according to this criteria?

– how to build your’s arctic home according to yours activity?


The yacht is in rebuilding process right now. See it ready for sailing 10.2021.

Unique features:

  • 4 guest cabin+ skipper cabin on approx 15m  yacht 
  • 3x heating systems
  • upper saloon
  • Central cockpit with central steering system
  • Separate two areas: guests & client 
  • 3 furling sails operated from the cockpit

Our yacht seems to be much bigger that it is. Special layout project, gives us very specius yacht, simple to use  with 3 persons with capability of comfortable sailing with 9pax. 

  • 2 engines gives higher realiability
  • aluminium hull
  • separate engine rooms to have more quiet  and comfortable yacht for our quests

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